Water Found On The Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

David K.

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Going to see the movie 2012......Glad to heard theres water and the moon...so if theres water...there could be life? Best regards, David


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Probably no life, but the presence of water means the potential moon base and further travel out into the solar system just got a whole lot cheaper! It costs a fortune to lug water into space. If they can just carry enough to get to the moon and then just use what is already there, that leaves either a lot more room for cargo or requires a lot less propellant to get there.


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i didnt say it was the most money....its a waste of money.... those plastics will sit in landfills and be there 3000 years later. then we will HAVE to live on the flipping moon and find another planet to destroy.....also its not JUST nasa that spends the money...when the shuttle goes up i was in the navy and we had to deploy for 3 days to sit out there to see if it blows up and collect shuttle parts. thank god it didnt but 3 days of a ship underway is waste of NAVY money, also the police for security and it trickles down from there....the one shuttle that landed here in cali had to be flown back to FL you think nasa paid for all that? NO.... just a waste of money and thank nasa for top loaders! ;)