Webs.com going away. What are some other good free hosting sites out there?


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I have been using Webs.com for almost 15 years now, and they I received an email that they are finally merging their operations with Vistaprint, which merged with them years ago. So, the free hosting at Webs.com is going away in March and I need a new home for my www.

Any good free options out there? I would like to hear recommendations and experiences, both good and bad.

I am not a web designer or coder, so the easier the better.



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I use google free web pages for my lists. I find it pretty easy to use. I haven't updated mine in he last few months because I am working on adding all of my inventory into excel and then importing (copy and paste) to the google page.


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To my knowledge I haven't received notification of the removal of freewebs. Notifcation may have been sent to spam but it looks like I may have to search up another site also.