Welcome our new Supercollector - bravesfansunite


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Please welcome our new Supercollector - bravesfansunite

Here are the stats of his awesome John Smoltz Collection!


John Smoltz Havelist Statistics:

1,676 Smoltz cards owned / 4,055 Total Made = 41.33% owned
4 other oddball Smoltz cards not included in totals

11 Certified Autographed Cards
88 Game Used/Patch Cards (38 serial numbered GU/Patch)

Serial Numbered Cards:
418 Topps Moments & Milestones
221 Other Serial Numbered Inserts

Other John Smoltz items obtained:

1 In-Person Autograph
1 Small Bronze Statue
2 John Smoltz Jersey T-Shirts
1 Authentic Ticket to the Atlanta Braves game on 4/22/2008, where John Smoltz threw his 3,000 strikeout (which I fortunate enough to actually attend)

Congrats :D