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With his impressive collection of Mark McGwire, 7guns has joined the ranks of The Bench Supercollectors'.

Check out their lists and see if you have any McGwire cards he can use!

Heres the stats:
1. Mark McGwire
2. 2071 Of 6089 34% Of cards known
3. 11 BGS Graded Gu Cards
1 BGS 10.0
30 BGS 9.5
59 BGS 9.0 -7.5 Range
4. http://www.joering.com/mcgwire/?coll...View+All&tn=tn
5. 20 Magazines
9 Baseballs
11 Beanies
13 Misc Boxes and Packs
4 Cereal Boxes
16 Figures ( Headliners,Starting Lineups and Misc others)
20 Misc Items: News Papers, Poster, Plate, Lunchbox and other Odd items

Everything Listed on # 3 and 5 can be found on my Photobucket.





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Thanks Every one I could not have the collection I do with out the traders here on the Bench the Best on the web.