What are these 1993 Upper Deck Rockies Stamp Cards


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Hi, I have about 50 of these and I have absolutely no idea what exactly they are. I know they're 1993 Upper Deck and all of the cards that they appear on are Rockies Players (At least that I have)

Here are of the cards:


Any help as to what these cards are exactly and what they value is would be much appreciated.


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1993 Rockies Upper Deck (complete set books $8.00)

This 27-card set of the Colorado Rockies features the same design as the players' 1993 regular Upper Deck cards. The difference is found in the gold foil stamping of the team's logo on the front. The cards are checklisted below according to their corresponding numbers in the regular Upper Deck set. These cards were issued in special "team sets" form.


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Those were a special set put out to commemorate the new team (also one for the other expansion team), they made only 5000 to 10,000 sets and they parallel the whole 840 card set. I don't know what the multiplier based upon the common issue, but I expect it's no more than 5x to 8x at best.

Edit: Sorry, this was Topps that did this. The Upper Deck company did parallel the set, but it was a Gold Hologram on the back of 1:15 factory sets, one per case.
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