What does everybody do for a Living


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After reading all of these, my job seems boring. I have been the dispatcher/office manager for a concrete plant for the last 21 years. One major perk is internet access anytime.


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For 7 of the past eight years I worked at the casino in Milwaukee. Started as a floor bartender and was promoted twice, to Assistant Shift Manager, then Shift manager for the beverage department. Then the Rona hit. We we closed for 3 months then slowly but surely started getting called back. However revenue was not where they expected so in July we got notice that 2/3 of us were not coming back. After a brief stint in the Target Distribution Center, I now am a retail merchandiser for Sam's and Wally, and a side gig with Teachers on call, as a substitute classroom aide. In the fall plan on returning to college to finally finish my teaching degree.


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I'm an accounting manager for construction projects in the power industry. I've worked in about half of the 50 states and it's taken me overseas. Those who have been around here for a long time have probably traded with me in several different states.


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I am currently working for the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics. They are the company that builds submarines. I retired from the Navy in 2009 and it was really tough to find a job then. I took the chance on a company in Worcester, Massachusetts in their Quality department just to get something going. Figured I could get my foot in the door somewhere and then move on from there. I did that for about 4 years and then moved on to a company that specialized in valves and pumps for the defense industry. From there I got the offer from EB but they wanted me to move to Ohio. I happily complied and got to make really good money moving back home where it all started. Life has a funny way of working sometimes.
Pretty cool. I worked for AM General for 10 years before moving into advanced lighting. Most of the career was spent on the JLTV program.


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I work in Physical Therapy in a busy outpatient clinic. I see anywhere between 8-14 patients a day and treat many different orthopedic conditions from head to toe. Been doing this since graduating college and 2008 and have been trading on The Bench avidly since I was 15. Great thread!


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We deal a lot with each other and never really know anything about each other. So that brings up the question, What does everybody do for a living? Since I asked the question I will start, I am a Regional Quality Manager for ADM(Archer Daniels Midland). DG
Retired---- Director of Highway Operations State of CT, Department of Transportation. Responsible for engineering, maintenance and operations of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems ) with 2 large operation centers. Items you see our our highways included variable message signing, cameras, speed detectors, traffic signal systems. It was a great time from 1980 to 2009 when I retired to be involved in the creation of technology for highways and arterials. Traveled the country as a rep. for CT on these technologies. Also on Governor's FEMA's task Force. Loved my job but loved sports collecting more. I'm still doing it. Will be reaching 70 this year. Jim
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I verify freight on the receiving dock at a Walmart Fashion Distribution Center. I basically rummage through clothes all night verifying what's inside the cases and assigning them a spot inside our warehouse using a laptop,printer,scan gun and a cart.