What is Private Messages?


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Private Messages or PM's is like a personal mailbox for THE BENCH.

Instead of getting email and trying to figure out which site the trade started in, a PM is only from members of THE BENCH. You can choose to have an email sent to you letting you know that you have PM's or just wait until you visit the site.

Everyone's PM box holds up to a total of 50 messages (inbox or sent). Old messages should be deleted to make room for new ones. If your box is full other members will not be able to send you any PM until your clear some out.

When you first sign up your PM box has 2 folders (inbox and sent). You can create other folders if you wish to keep things organized. As an example I created a "trades" folder so I can keep all my trade PM's until the trade is complete. But you need to remember that you have to delete old messages, if you create a new folder that will not increase the number of PM's you can store. 50 is the limit and they can be anywhere in your PM box.