What's your favorite item that no one else has?

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Nov 14, 2005
Fishkill, NY
I know we all have plenty of cards, even "1/1's", but as far as non card items in your collections, what's your favorite that you know no one else has?

I had this drawing I made of Dale Earnhardt years back that I got autographed that I know won't be found anywhere else.

I have a baby Jersey of Don Mattingly size 2t..I have never seen it again..Got from a local shop that use to grab Mattingly stuff for me..
I have the 2008 UD Heroes auto Ken Griffey jr. purple serial #5 and the 2008 UD Heroes auto Ken Griffey Jr. emerald gu serial #5!! Best regards, Davdi
one time i was at the diamondbacks game donaven mcnabb was there i chased him down in the ninth all the way to the parking lot he finnaly stopped and signed... i know that nothing ever will be like this again because i got a diamondbacks banner signed by him
I have 2 items that come to mind. 1) Is 14 ticket stubs from 1955 season of the Brooklyn dodgers. Each signed by a different player. 2) Is my 1939 Centenial baseball program signed by Babe Ruth



Player include: Hodges, Reese, Alston, Snider, Podres, Black, Branca, Roerock, Roe, Erskine, Leham, Newcombe, Labine, Hughes


My sister in law used to work at the doctor's office where the Carolina Hurricanes went to get their yearly physicals and treatments. I sent a t-shirt by her and got several good autos on it. Eric Staal, Cam Ward, and several others. Don't have a pic of it, but looking to get it framed.
Don't know why the pic came out so small, it's al least 15 inches tall by about 9 inches wide. It's a bank, with a brass nameplate and glass cover, that someone made (it's obviously quite old) using a photo of Dimaggio jumping on home plate. What makes it kinda neat is the photo has a bunch of finishing nails through it so that when you drop a coin in the slot on top it bounces around like a pachinko machine. At the bottom, in the middle, there's a double row of nails which the space in between is just big enough to accomadate a quarter. If the coin falls in there, a homerun I guess, it gets trapped and you have to hit the plunger on top to release it into the box.


this is a Detroit Tigers photo from the first game after the 1981 strike. During the layoff Alan Trammell had split his head open horsing around with Dave Rozema. This was shot by my brother at the beginning of batting practice when the player were messing with Tram.


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My favorite piece: Had Aaron sign it and as an after thought had Spahn it.


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Here is a card and then an non card autographed piece.
Most of these that were made were GU bat. This is the GU uniform version SPed to 20. Have had it for 3 years and have not seen another pop up.

This is 1936 Pirates autographed album page. There are 7 autos including Honus Wagner and Arky Vaughan. A piece with both of this Mentor/Protege pair is very rare.
Sorry, I noticed you said "item", not cards. I dont have a picture of them seperately but I am maybe the only one to have the two Killebrew autographed GU cards.

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I love these old Riverfront ticket stubs...................I picked up a bunch when I was a kid roaming around the stadium.................
Oh and I nearly forgot...I also have a Hank Aaron auto'd bat. My uncle works in advertising and he a co-worker of his did an ad with Hank Aaron many years ago. After the ad, Aaron signed the bat (on the handle and the barrel) and gave it to the guy. The guy wasn't a sports fan and gave it to my uncle. My uncle gave it to me since he thought I'd appreciate it more. Very nice gift and its very cool.