which trading site has the most members?


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I guess a better question would be which site keeps the best members, I think this question answers itself. The Bench of course. Pat

David K.

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I'm thinking the one with the most is probably the Freedom board. However, the problem is that many members hold dual or triple or quad memberships on several boards. The best trading board in baseball is The Bench and the one with less problems (Thanks to the moderators). Best regards, David PS membership on former beckett message board, The Bench and Freedomcard board.


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I'm a member of a few forums and I would say that body counts really doesn't matter much these days.
I've been a member year for a few years and still consider myself a somewhat a newbee,but I've made some great trades here.The moderators keep a close eye on the threads, but are tolerent and helpfull when needed, and have never hesitated answering any questions.
I have almost 200 trades here,and when I see the cards I have aquired I am just amazed and I have met some really nice people here,and made some friends too,.Quality or quanity?,..go for the quality,..

and they put up with my bad spelling too !!