Who Wants To See "When It Was A Game" Video


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I picked this up last summer at a yard sale and really liked it so thought I'd throw it out there to everyone. It's a 1990 HBO 1 hour video (yes, vhs) and is all 8mm and 16mm footage, with commentary, of old time games. I recently made a trade with someone that said they actually liked cards that were written on because it gave them a feel for who was collecting them at the time. This video will do the same thing to you ! I absolutely love the movies of people filming someone running to first base and someone's head gets in the way !

Postage from here to CA is $2.41 priority and $2.38 media, YEAH big diff, but I'm guessing less for closer, so I'm going to leave this open for a few days and will send the video to whoever is closest to me. I'll post a list of who wants it and after you've watched it just send it on to the next closest person.

I posted this with another group and got a reply of "I agree with you Alan. I had a copy of that on vhs which I watched so many times my machine finally ate the tape. It is a very cool video."