WooHoo! I was entered into UDs' Ultimate Man Cave contest!


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Facebook link to UDA's contest. They only posted the pics, but I will copy the captions here. Please vote for me!


With our trip to China last fall to bring our son home some projects were chosen to be put on hold, including my 'man cave.' While I will never regret for a second this choice, (sharing card collecting with their kids should be every parents dream) I was unable to finish my 'man cave' in time for your awesome contest. So, please permit me to enter pictures and captions as to why I (will have in a couple of months) have the 'Ultimate Man-cave!'

In this first picture we see 'stalker corner.' The 42" plasma hanging from the wall demonstrates that while every man-cave does need high-def, too much of anything is not a good thing. Besides, shaving off a few inches of TV allows for more shelf space for the bobble-heads, autographed bats and balls, framed pictures, posters, card binders and displays, jerseys, plaques, DNA samples, uhh, I mean game used memorabilia of my favorite players Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. I still do not understand why my wife named this corner the way she did.

This second picture revels where my life sized posters of Rickey Henderson are (going to be) at. If you squint your eyes just right you can almost see the track lighting shining down on Rickey holding aloft his record setting 939th base above his head. My wife says she still gets startled when she unexpectedly sees this poster. Hmmm, I just realized that to get to our mechanical room you have to walk through the man-cave. For my wife's and Rickey's sake, maybe I should not have the autographed bats so close to this poster...

Ahh, the Zen center! Smell the rich leather of the recliner, hear the gentle "hummm" of the beverage center, count the many buttons of the five remotes on the end table. Yes, a man-cave needs AT LEAST five remotes regardless of how many are actually in use. Nothing screams "I am man hear me click' more then the abundance of remote controls a man has access too.

Being on the FBI's Top 10 list for stalking...creepy
A paranoid wife...humorous
Having more remote controls than letters in your first name, MANLY

One Ultimate Man-Cave...PRICELESS!

Thank you for allowing me to enter the "Ultimate Man-Cave" contest, or at least posting my submission for a few laughs!



5.00 star(s)
Good Luck.

I scoped out some of the rules...

1. A prominent selection of UDA items should on display in the man cave. Additional points will be awarded for presenting a good cross section of old and new UDA items.
2. The quality of the submission. Were photos or video haphazardly taken or is the submission as high-quality as the man cave itself? The submissions should be high-quality with solid descriptions to help paint the picture of why your man cave is the best.
3. The quality of the display. Are items displayed in an attractive and compelling manner or are they just tossed together? We are looking for an eye-catching arrangement to showcase attractive UDA items.
4. How creative was the owner in putting together, displaying and showing off his man cave? UDA staff will award additional points for creativity.

Looks to me like if one were to spend way too much money on overpriced UDA items and "prominently" display them, they will give you more of their overpriced items! I used to get catalogs for UDA. I don't think I even saw a single item that was priced decently. I suppose it costs them dearly for Kobe, Jordan, Montana, Pujols and others, but they make sure you know it costs them and pass that right along to the end consumer.

It would be nice to see someone win who maybe couldn't afford their $1000+ items! Sadly, it probably won't be that way.