WTT/WTS: Baseball TTM/IP Autographs - 1981 to 2014 - $1 Each


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Hey Everyone -

I have these TTM/IP Baseball Autographs up for sale or trade.

For sale, I am looking for $1 each plus shipping

*Shipping is $3.25 for 1-25 cards in a bubble mailer. Over 25 cards will be as close to actual shipping cost as possible.
**PWE Shipping is $0.55 for 1-2 cards, or $1.10 for 3-5 cards (as long as they are not too thick)
***Cash or Money Order is preferred, exact Paypal fees will be added, if you want to pay that way.

For trade, I am looking for about $5 BV each for these toward PC needs.

Let me know if you can use any of these. Thanks!


1981 Tidewater Tides TCMA #7 Todd Winterfeldt (Tidewater Tides) (Blue)
1981 Tidewater Tides TCMA #13 Charlie Puleo (Tidewater Tides) (Blue)
1981 Tidewater Tides TCMA #15 Scott Dye (Tidewater Tides) (Blue)
1983 Birmingham Barons TCMA #1 Raul Tovar (Birmingham Barons) (Black)
1983 Birmingham Barons TCMA #2 Don Gordon (Birmingham Barons) (Black)
1983 Birmingham Barons TCMA #11 George Foussianes (Birmingham Barons) (Black)
1983 Birmingham Barons TCMA #13 Greg Norman (Birmingham Barons) (Black)
1983 Birmingham Barons TCMA #14 Chuck Cary (Birmingham Barons (Black)
1985 Fleer #229 Mike Jorgensen (STL) (Black)
1985 Topps #474 Kurt Kepshire (STL) (Blue)
1986 Topps #723 Marty Bystrom (NYY) (Black)
1987 Donruss #208 Greg Mathews (STL) (Blue)
1988 Topps #19 Mark Davidson (MIN) (Black)
1988 Topps #54 Jim Clancy (TOR) (Blue)
1988 Topps #114 Jeff Russell (TEX) (Black)
1988 Topps #212 Greg Brock (MIL) (Black)
1988 Topps #282 Pat Perry (CIN) (Blue)
1988 Topps #342 Larry Andersen (HOU) (Black)
1988 Topps #477 Jamie Quirk (KC) (Blue)
1988 Topps #691 Dan Pasqua (NYY) (Black)
1988 Topps #716 Lenn Sakata (NYY) (Blue)
1989 Topps #80 Cory Snyder (CLE) (Blue)
1989 Topps #472 Brian Harper (MIN) (Blue)
1990 UD #575 Steve Searcy (DET) (Blue)
1990 UD #591 Dion James (CLE) (Black)
1991 Classic Best #319 Todd Ritchie (MIN) (Black)
1991 Donruss #432 Mike Benjamin (SF) (Black)
1991 Topps #132 Jamie Quirk (OAK) (Blue)
1992 Donruss #211 Bryan Harvey (ANA) (Black)
1992 UD #250 Billy Ripken (BAL) (Black)
1992 UD #780 Turk Wendell (CHC) (Blue)
1993 Pawtucket Red Sox Team Issue #13 Derek Livernois (Pawtucket Red Sox) (Black)
1993 Pawtucket Red Sox Team Issue #24 Scott Taylor (Pawtucket Red Sox) (Blue)
1994 Pawtucket Red Sox Fleer/ProCards #946 Nate Minchey (Pawtucket Red Sox) (Black)
1998 Best #95 Bobby Seay (Charleston River Dogs) (Blue)
1998 Best #97 Dernell Stenson (Trenton Thunder) (Black)
1998 Bowman #107 Ryan Minor (BAL) (Black)
2002 Bowman Draft #BDP141 Corey Hart (MIL) (Black)
2002 Topps Traded #T249 Joel Hanrahan (LA) (Black)
2005 Bazooka Comics #6 David Bell (PHI) (Blue)
2006 Topps #334 Lew Ford (MIN) (Blue)
2007 Fleer #155 Kevin Mench (MIL) (Blue)
2007 Ultra Retail #198 Chad Cordero (WSH) (Blue)
2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP239 Jeudy Valdez (SD) (Blue)
2008 Topps #260 Chad Cordero (WSH) (Blue)
2008 UD Goudey #198 Chad Cordero (WSH) (Blue)
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP29 Tyson Brummett (PHI) (Red)
2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects #BDPP10 Telvin Nash (HOU) (Blue)
2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP50 Tony Delmonico (LA) (Black)
2012 Bowman Prospects Purple #BP107 Joe Ross (SD) (Blue)
2013 USA Baseball Champions #77 Blake Swihart (USA) (Blue)
2014 Bowman Prospects #BP18 Luke Jackson (TEX) (Blue)
2014 Lake Elsinore Storm Team Issue #31 Jackpot Mascot (Lake Elsinore Storm) (Black)

The Pics won't load onto the thread so here are the links:

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Interested in purchasing these
Charlie Puleo
Turk Wendell
Bill Ripken
Kurt Kepshire
Dernell Stenson
Mike Jorgensen

LMK about these