WTT/WTS: Lot of (34) Philadelphia Phillies TTM Questionnaires Autos - Some Deceased


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Hey Everyone -

As I'm cleaning up this summer, I came across these TTM questionnaires that I sent out with my TTMs a while back. I stopped doing it after just a short time and they really don't fit in with my current collection. I'm hoping to sell or trade as a lot.

13 have the questions answered and are autographed
21 only have the questions answered

SELL: $16.00 via Cash. Or $16.90 via Paypal.

TRADE: I'd trade the lot for $50 worth of PC needs, HOF Rookies, or decent tradebait.

Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!


Questionnaire with answers and autograph (13)
Boever, Joe
DeMars, Billy
Fox, Terry
Garber, Gene
Grate, Don (Deceased 2014)
Hemus, Solly (Deceased 2017)
Iorg, Dane
Sadowski, Bob (Deceased 2018)
Schmidt, Freddy (Deceased 2012)
Shockley, Costen
Sullivan, John
Van Dusen, Fred (Deceased 2018)
Walbeck, Matt

Questionnaire with answers only (21)
Bennett, Dennis
Combs, Pat
Compton, Mike
Corcoran, Tim
Cormier, Rheal
Culp, Ray
Doster, David
Ducey, Rob
Elia, Lee
Garcia, Kiko
Harmon, Chuck (Deceased 2019)
Menke, Denis
Millette, Joe
Olivares, Omar
Rippelmeyer, Ray
Semproch, Ray
Stuffel, Paul (Deceased 2018)
Sutherland, Gary
Thoenen, Dick
Triandos, Gus (Deceased 2013)
Watkins, Dave

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[/url]IMG_6245 (2) by Scott Sobolewski, on Flickr[/IMG]
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