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WTTF 2019 Topps UTZ Yankees


Looking for these:
4-A Judge
9-J Loaisiga
37-C Adams
54-M Andujar

have these to trade:
3-B Crawford
15-K Tucker
16-C Sihn-Soo
20-K Stewart
21-F Arcia
23-S Ohtani
24-R Zimmerman
25-N Arenado
27-J D Martinez
29-B Buxton
30-J Votto
41-A Hedges
49-M Cabrera
50-J T Realmuto
51-R Cano
58-T Mancini
64-F Lindor
65-J Gallo
70-B Keller
73-M Clevinger
75-E Hosmer
77-H Bader
87-J Cueto
91-J Lamb
98- P Goldschmidt


5.00 star(s)
I have these:

2019 Topps Utz #4 Aaron Judge - NYY - $20.00
2019 Topps Utz #9 Jonathan Loaisiga - NYY - $6.00
2019 Topps Utz #12 Gleyber Torres - NYY - $8.00
2019 Topps Utz #37 Chance Adams - NYY - $4.00
2019 Topps Utz #42 Aroldis Chapman - NYY - $5.00
2019 Topps Utz #54 Miguel Andujar - NYY - $5.00

what Kansas City Royals parallels, relics or auto's do you have for trade (any year or set)?


5.00 star(s)
I just got 2019 Topps Utz Brad Keller & Whit Merrifield if you want to do a trade

thanks, but I have all four of the Royals from that set... please let me know if you get any Panini Prizm stuff ---- there are SOOOOO many parallels in that set! It's going to make building my master Royals team set a real challenge so I can use all the help I can get to chip away at it!