WTTF 2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor Refractor cards

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Thanks! I bought a good amount of these when they just came out from a dealer in blowout for 3/1.00 , the common names. In hindsight I wish I bought more of them as now I can’t seem to find much available. Bri
I really enjoy the looks of these, does anyone have any for trade. Also like the Club Plaques and Future Stars Logofractor cards. Thanks
Take a look at my tradelist, I have plenty of future stars cards, I also have a bryce harper 2023 refractor (might want to keep)
Do you have any of the following?

2022-2023 Topps Chrome, 2020-2023 relics and autos
(Particularly Phillies), SMLB stars of the mlb cards, numbered cards, parralels and refractors. Any phillies cards