Yankee Stadium Legacy - DID WE FORGET

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Aug 10, 2003
Has the over 8000 members of the Bench forgot we are trying to put this set together.In the last 6 weeks or so, Meliah has only received 10 new cards. We are down to under 400 cards still needed. How many of you went to the National and picked up at least 1 YSL, I only know of 1 member who did. I guess most of you are the lucky ones who families, relatives or friends haven't been hit by cancer. Thank God for that. But I am sure most of us know someone who had it or has it. Going on to 3 years and the set is not completed. If someone told me when we started that it would take this long I would have thought they were crazy. We probaly only had around 7000 members then..
We all go to our favorite stores, mall shows and what ever. Print out our want list and try to pick up a card or 2. You can get most of them for a buck.
Lets get this set finished this year !!!!!
Ya know i understand that your trying to light a fire here, BUT this rant pisses me off, I cant depend on others to do this, so I have in the last two months purchased over 250 bucks in 08 ud cards, gaining NO useable cards for the YSL project. so what your telling me, living out here on the west coast, spending my disability on cards that dont gleen any useable cards was a waste of money? i just can ump in a car or on a plane to go to all these events your saying people should attend to get you free cards.

sure i am new at this but even i can figure out that everyone has their own priorities as well as pressing issues. maybe i should mail you my one made leg and you can kick yourslef in your tactless ass for this post.

as for cancer not touching my family i will just go to my uncle whos in a nursing home recently diagnosed with lung cancer and tell him i just dont care that much..... i mean grrrrrrrrrrrr you have my rile up right now.

and just think i almost bought another case of 08 ud last night. and frankly at this moment i am not going to.

sure the project is honerable, but some of us are working on this project, maybe i just dont toot my horn enough......

now that i am ticked off i going to go do other projects for the day........

Leon- I have to agree with Old Marine here. I have printed out the Bench wantlist and gone to local shows and event he National but did not find any cards the bench needed. So I am just to upset with you to even go any further with this post.
I think, with this type or project, a reminder is fine but to insult the people who will be making the donations (and have donated 6000+ cards) hurts the cause more than it helps.
I bought a case of 08 Upper Deck Documentary and was going to donate anything needed and did not pull a one so it is not that people are not trying it is just luck of the card you get or run across.My 2cents
The older stuff starts to dry up eventually. I still need 4 Studio Portrait Garvey cards and have not added a new one in months.

I'm sure there are plenty of people trying. They are out there somewhere, but maybe we are not finding them.

I agree that the original post is a little tasteless as well.
i have to agree with everyone, this rant is uncalled for. like some people have said, insulting people is not the way to get this done as you can see some people have already said they were going to buy more the try and donate but now are not. bottom line is there was no need for a classless post like this

alot of these cards that are needed are most likely in higher end products so a majority of them are probably still in boxes.
I doubt he meant to upset anyone. But I must admitt it kinda upset
me too. Maybe just a poor choice of words. Cancer is a disease that
has affected Everyone in some capacity or another. When talking about
a touchy subject like this, you must be carefull what you say. I detected
a bit of jest or sarcasim in his post which is not going to fly when talking
about cancer. Lets take a breath, and I bet an apology is coming.
Considering I can't find any of the missing cards on Ebay, trade sites or anywhere else right now I'm pretty sure most of them came from higher end UD products. We are just going to have to wait it out, we will finish eventually. If there are none online why should there be tons at the National?:)

I really don't think Leon meant for his post to come off as it did. He's been one of the top donator's for this project all along and just wants to see it get finished.
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