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    2020 Leaf pop Metal

    Have been watching some case breaks on youtube for this product. so far every case has been pretty good. The down side is Jerry Rice and D. Rodman show up a lot . The cuts look to be 2 or 3 per case but I don't consider Kylie Jenner Newt Gingrich or Jerry Rice a big hit. The best one I saw was a...
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    2020 Leaf pop Metal

    Had a look at the checklist for this years Leaf Pop Metal. It looks ok some new names added this year. If you like historical autographs and are willing to gamble, they have a nice selection this year. How hard they will be to pull I don't know.
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    October 2020 - Show Off Thread

    Picked up a couple more 8x10 photos. Kathleen Turner from Romancing The Stone. James Hong born in MN.
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    October 2020 - Show Off Thread

    After seeing his Goodwin Champions card I just decided on this 8x10.
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    2020 Leaf Metal American Politics

    Leaf has hit a new low with this 10 card set. First of all its $79.99 a set, second two of the people in it are AOC and Kayleigh McEnany. This is a hard fast pass for me.
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    Costume Cards

    Sorry but cards w/o a photo of the star are not all that interesting nor wanted by the general collector.
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    Costume Cards

    I would say in the $25/$30 range. Looking for another costume card for my PC.
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    Non-Sport to give away

    Will send this lot if anyone wants it for a SASE. Will only put this this up until 12 pm friday.
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    Just trying out the new add a picture feature

    Thanks played around with it works fine. Like this better than posting from my bucket.
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    Just trying out the new add a picture feature

    Just what did you do to get your photo to show. I tried the way I used to from my photo bucket but only a link shows.
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    Costume Cards

    Separated and added 30 more costume cards . Looking for other costume card. Looking for a Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln if anyone has one for trade.
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    Added Auto Cards FT

    Have 8x10s of these looking for other non sport auto cards or auto 8x10 photos certified by PSA, JSA or BAS. Only TV or Movie stars. This includes the cards in my FT list.
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    Small Vintage Lot FT

    Sorry I'll pass.