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    4th Annual Fatboycards Bench Golf Tournament

    Count me in. Mark
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    Martial Arts and Kids

    I am looking for some advice. My eight year old daughter is interested in martial arts. She took a trial class last night and is sold on it. I, on the other hand, am not completely on board. The studio (and fees) are structured so that kids take a minimum of two classes a week. The...
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    I am being scammed?

    I recently won an auction on eBay and paid right away. The seller then contacted me and told me they made a mistake and their e-mail address isn't active anymore and they have a new address. The asked that I cancel payment and send it to a new e-mail address. They still haven't updated their...
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    2nd Annual New England Bench Golf Tournament/ Anyone else

    I will do my best. Unfortunately, his daughter's birthday is around that weekend and that takes precedence. Mark
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    2nd Annual New England Bench Golf Tournament/ Anyone else

    I am in (barring the unexpected) and am looking forward to it. Mark
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    Best laugh I've had in a while!

    I also got a laugh, but they do get repetitive very quickly. This type of thing is sometimes called "scam baiting". If you do a google search on it, you can find some other much more amusing sites. My favorite is this guy: He specializes in people running 419 bank...
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    Help with my user name

    I made the change. Mark
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    Lemme know what i missed...

    You probably meant bobdabench. Bob D'Angelo (bdangelo) is and still is an excellent trader. Unfortunately, some people are only good traders as long as they want to keep trading here. Good to hear from you again, Mark
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    Sportsbuy link in sig?

    Technically, SportsBuy is not associated with this site. You are probably seeing the ads from Google ads. That said, we allow links in signatures to other selling sites assuming the link is to the items you are selling. Mark
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    Where is my Thread??????????

    Threads are deleted after 90 days of inactivity. However, they are stored in our archive. Here is the link: Mark
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    Why Was My Thread Closed ?

    I am not sure who closed it. That said, really large threads are really taxing on our server and as a result, we try to discourage them so keep the site running more quickly. Mark
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    1991 Topps error help.

    Here you go: 1991 Topps 49 Pat Borders (a) 40 steals in Kinston 1986 (b) 0 Steal in Kinston 1986 1991 Topps 80 Fernando Valenzuela (a) 104 ER in '90 Tied League Lead (b) Led League 1991 Topps 97 Brady Anderson (a) “Sept 2 RBI and 3 Hits” (b) “Set, 3 RBI and 14 Hits 1991 Topps 100 Don Mattingly...
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    Trade Manager "Status"

    It is fixed. I spent some time on it last night and figured out the problem. I am not sure as to how or why it was changed initially. It was not intentional. Mark
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    PSA questions??

    The declared value is also for insurance purposes. When they ship the cards back to you, they insure the package for the total declared value. As a result, if you over declare your cards' value, you may overpay on insurance. I think they want you to use their price guide when assessing the...
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    Another shill bidding scum Ebay seller to avoid

    My assumption is whatever money he makes by driving up the price of his auctions is greater than the eBay fees he pays when his shills win. Keep in mind that in any auction, the price is set by the highest losing bid. Mark