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    1986 Topps Kansas City Royals project

    A few years ago, I started collecting autographs on all the 1986 Topps Kansas City Royals cards. I tracked all of them down except George Brett, Dan Quisenberry (deceased) and Dick Howser (deceased). This past week, I purchased a 1986 Topps autographed Quisenberry card. So now, I'm down to just...
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    Most surprising TTM success?

    Pete Rose
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    One for today 3/1

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    For whom the Bell tolls

    Heath Bell and Daniel Schlereth both had quick returns from their respective spring training sites.
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    Dunn got me Amour TTM's in 2/19...

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    Joe Carter via TTM

    For what it's worth, I sent to Carter this past May and have had no response.
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    It's never too late

    Take a look at this article from the NY Post.
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    A couple trades in today..

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    I didn't think the 1986 Topps I sent to Steve Balboni was coming back, so I made a trade for one. A couple of months later, here it is in the mail. I guess I can't complain about having two.
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    One fast Walker

    Herschel Walker returned 1/1 in a little less than two months. He included #34.
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    1 TTM - Lee Smith 2/1/10

    Congrats! I sent to him a few months ago. I guess I'll wait and see.
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    Sparky Anderson?

    Did he include a note saying he doesn't want to sign anymore?
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    Unexpected return

    I almost forgot about this one I sent out back in May. But in Monday's mail there was 3 of 3 signed by Terrell Brandon. I hate having to wait, but those are the fun successes when you're not expecting them. I also finalized a couple of trades today when I received three autographed 1986 Topps...
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    Sparky Anderson?

    I'm in agreement. I won't send to him. Thanks.