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    Coming Soon: A New Look

    Loving the ability to post pictures directly into a thread and no more third party photos. Thanks for all the hard work Mike!
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    YSL Project

    Awesome to see this finally completed! Big thanks to finding that last card Benski!
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    September 30 2002

    Pete-thanks for everything you did to start this community and for the dream you had in starting the Bench. I know this isn't goodbye!
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    Trades with the same member within a 5 day period count as only 1 Bench Point

    Hopefully this is one of the things that will be able to be addressed now that Mike is on board. First priority at the moment is attempting to get the Trade Manager repaired.
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    The Front Page is gone!

    Post #5 on this thread from Peter.
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    YSL Project

    Not something I have access to unfortunately. Might need to reach out to Peter or maybe Cory can help you with this.
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    YSL Project

    I have been keeping tabs on this thread. If you're looking for a mod's point of view, my opinion is whatever the main contributors of the project (David and Leon) would like to do with the set is what I personally would like to see done with it. If David and Leon are on board with selling on...
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    Who can close out a thread for me?

    Send me links to threads you want closed and I can help you out.
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    Cancelling a Trade

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    User Name Change

    From the Bench FAQs: Can I change my Bench user name? We do not allow users to change their user names after they have registered. The main reason for this is to not cause confusion among our members. In very rare instances we will allow a user name change, generally if you have signed up...
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    2019 Topps Heritage-huge pull out of a blaster (Nolan Ryan)

    Sister pulled this out of a $20 Target blaster last weekend. This year's Heritage Retail is loaded. The second Red Ink auto we have pulled out of blasters. Also pulled a Mystery Player A Real Ones Auto redemption out of another $20 Target blaster. Nolan Ryan by Stephanie Johnson, on Flickr
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    Fantasy Thread needs to be approved.

    I took care of this last week. Forgot to post in this thread though.
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    2018 Topps Chrome update Mega boxes at Target!!

    2019 Topps Retail has been out for about 1-2 weeks now. 2019 Heritage Retail has been popping up in Targets in central NJ in the past couple days.
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    The Hot Stove League

    This Yankee fan wants them to steer VERY clear from Machado. Happy with LeMahieu and Tulo filling in until Sir Didi returns. And unless the return is a top of the line SP, no way we deal Andujar. The kid is just too good.
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    2018 Topps Chrome update Mega boxes at Target!!

    Always interesting how the GPS always finds a Target... :) Targets in our area restocked Prizm basketball megas on Friday morning. Pulled a Doncic Silver plus alot of other of the decent prospects in their Silver and red ice refractors so with that and the great Target deal over now I am...