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    What was your favorite card design growing up?

    It has to be the 1973 Topps set with all of the great action shots - but it's the position design in the lower corner that makes this set special. A close second would be the 1976 SSPC set with the nice clean fronts with the white border - a great set for getting signatures. I am currently...
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    Need a Retired Player Address? Just Ask! (2011-12)

    How about a couple of past Twins. Joe Klink Mark Portugal John Butcher Randy
  3. twinsfan87/91

    Basketball Card Lot RCs Stars and Vintage FS

    Vintage Basketball Could you give me a delivered price on the 1972-73 Robertson and the 1971-72 Chamberlain? Also condition and scans on on both cards? Thank You Randy
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    10's of Thousands Autographs for Sale! Set and Team Collector's Must See!

    Minnesota Twins Looking to see if you have added any new Minnesota Twins since the last time I sent a request. Thank you Randy
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    2014...What Team/s Can You Autograph For 50/50

    I attend games of the Fargo/Moorhead Redhawks (Independent) - American Association. Randy Henrikson Moorhead, MN
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    Need a Retired Player Address? Just Ask! (2011-12)

    Address Request Looking for Three retired Minnesota Twins Mark Portugal 1985 Twins Joe Klink 1987 Twins Pete Filson 1982 Twins Thank you Randy Henrikson