“Complete" Flash break 3 teams - $15 Pick One Get two. Random style - Volume 8 - 2022 Chrome Sonic/2023 BigLeague/2022 Donruss/2022 Chronicles

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Mar 23, 2008
Hi Team,

I present Flash Break volume 8. Bonus mix. Anyone Interested.



Live link

Randomizer link

2023 Topps Big League
2022 Topps Chrome Sonic
2022 Donruss Hanger box
2022 Chronicles Hanger pack

Mystery pack

Break will work as such. There are 10 spots and the price is $15 for 1st spot. $14 for each additional spot. Each spot gets you ONE TEAM THAT YOU PICK AND TWO RANDOM TEAMS from the list of unpicked teams and all of the cards of the players from those teams. We will randomize the list of participants and remaining teams to determine who gets the remaining teams. Teams can be traded if you wish. Shipping is included in the price of the break.

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

**Note this break will be done using YouTube. There will be a link provided.


1 Molitor04x - Angels
2 Dad3309 - Mariners
3 Kpit1978 - Braves
4 LarryG - Yankees
5 LarryG - Blue Jays
6 Mechjo16 - Redsox
7 Peaceandlove - Cardinals
8 Jeff_FNG - Tigers
9 Grapler135s - Padres
10 Peaceandlove - Dodgers

Random Results

Name/Picked teamRandom 1Random 2
1. 10 Peaceandlove - Dodgers1. Chicago White Sox1. Oakland Athletics
2. 4 LarryG - Yankees2. Minnesota Twins2. Miami Marlins
3. 6 Mechjo16 - Redsox3. Arizona Diamondbacks3. Washington Nationals
4. 3 Kpit1978 - Braves4. Texas Rangers4. Cincinnati Reds
5. 8 Jeff_FNG - Tigers5. Cleveland Guardians5. San Francisco Giants
6. 9 Grapler135s - Padres6. Colorado Rockies6. Milwaukee Brewers
7. 1 Molitor04x - Angels7. Houston Astros7. Kansas City Royals
8. 5 LarryG - Blue Jays8. Philadelphia Phillies8. New York Mets
9. 7 Peaceandlove - Cardinals9. Pittsburgh Pirates9. Baltimore Orioles
10. 2 Dad3309 - Mariners10. Chicago Cubs10. Tampa Bay Rays
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Well that’s an interesting collection of boxes. Not things you really ever see together.
Another great value break, we beat the odds again hitting an auto for the A’s in Big League!

Also A LOT of nice inserts. Huge stack with some of the nicer ones highlighted.

Thanks again to everyone that joined!

All the best