⚾️ 2022 Topps Pristine Random Teams Group Break, COMPLETE


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Box is set to arrive July 13th
Team checklists and additional information can be found here.

2022 Topps Pristine is a pack-in-a-pack-in-a-pack product. Basically, 3 packs in one big pack. *For those of you who don't remember the 2002-2005 release*
The first pack has an encased autograph or parallel. The second is either an autograph relic or a couple of chase cards. Finally, there’s a seven-card base pack.
There are 6 packs per box, and the checklist as of now has not been released. It's a mix of Rookies, Vets, and some Retired HOF.

Teams will be randomized and each spot will get two random teams. (via random.org)
If you are spot #1 you will get teams 1 and 16. If you are spot #15, you will get teams 15 and 30. #2 -> #2, 17 and so on.

All cards are mailed.

Each spot is $35.00 shipped. This is paypal F&F. If you pay by G&S please add 4%.

1) mcgwirenut paid Astros/Dodgers
2) pmknox paid A's/Marlins
3) LarryG paid Cardinals/Pirates
4) mcgwirenut paid Reds/Brewers
5) pmknox paid Giants/Diamondbacks
6) mcgwirenut paid Red Sox/Rockies
7) zlw1 paid Mariners/Guardians
8) zlw1 paid Phillies/Braves
9) mcgwirenut paid Nationals/Cubs
10) pmknox paid White Sox/Rangers
11) zlw1 paid Twins/Mets
12) mcgwirenut paid Yankees/Orioles
13) zlw1 paid Padres/Angels
14) mcgwirenut paid Royals/Rays
15) mcgwirenut paid Blue Jays/Tigers
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6 Spots left! Let's fill this up, Box is in hand!

If someone wants to take 3 spots, I'll take the last 3 to fill this up!


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Thank you for joining in @pmknox . I've taken the final three.

Posted sales for all that joined! Will post up a time for the break once everyone has paid.