00 UD black diamond

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Sep 3, 2009
Hey all.
I just bought a hobby box of 00 UD black diamond rookie edition baseball cards on ebay today for 45 bucks. Anyone wanna elaborate on if this was a good deal/bad deal/depends on the cards etc?

and what kind of inserts/parallels are there? I'm really lookin for some low end tiger stuff and some of the good rookies (Buehrle, Oswalt, etc...)

what do people think?

it has 24 packs btw of six cards each
$45 is just a little high on these. I think I remember BlowOut having these a short time ago for around $25-$28 per. However, you will be receiving pretty cards, hardly any duplicates. You will be able to make one base set out of the box. The RC's are game used, if I remember correctly. Oswalt, Buehrle, and Nady are the big hits in the regular set. Both Nady and Oswalt are Team USA jerseys. Each card in the base set has a gold parallel #'d to 1,000. You should get 2 or 3 out of that box. It is a long shot, but theer are some super-tough Yankee Game Used cards that were inserted into these packs. If you get one, it will make the box totally worth it. Good Luck!

Thanks Tim! yeah I did a little reseach on my own and saw the yankee parallels and the rooks and such. I never found a box cheaper than 40 though so I guess I didn't look hard enough ha.

Yeah if i can complete the set that'd be great and I hope to get at least one GU card

results will be posted!
2000 upper deck black diamond
complete set (154) $200.00
common rookie gem (91-120) $4.00
rookie jersey jems (121-136) are inserted 1 in 24 packs
usa authntics (137-154) are inserted one in 96 packs
gold (1-90) 2-4 time the basic value
gold gems (91-120) 1 times the basic value
gold jerseys 121-136) 1-2 times the basic value
packs $2.00
Box $40.00

looks like the hot spot for this would be the rookie edition combos
25 produced of each combo bat 100 produced of combo jersey
Alot have Jeter and DiMaggio Mantle
One sold for 935 bucks! (the Jeter/Dimaggio/Mantle bat card)

other big hits would be the Jeter jerset insert set. They sell for around 35-80 bucks)

#91 Barry Zito $15.00
#131 Buehrie rokie jersey $15.00
#140 been sheets $20.00
#145 Oswalt $20.00

So there is alot of hits yo can get for the box.
Also they are some sweet loking cards!