04) Fleer Showcase Masterpiece 1 of 1 Giambi?

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Nov 29, 2007
Yelm, WA.
04) Fleer Showcase #93 Giambi
I've gotten several cards from different players from this set. On the back of the cards, mid way down, It states. SHOWCASE COLLECTION. However Two cards I got state MASTERPIECE COLLECTION. This Giambi and a Will Clark. The Clark Stated in the front of the card One of only One. The Giambi isn't marked. Is this a card that got stamped MASTERPIECE by mistake. Or is this a MASTERPIECE that didn't get stamped? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks Jon
Not even a guy stamping them.. This was an extra card that Fleer had made for replacement.. There are plenty of cards out there from the Fleer company that are supposed to be numbered but they're not because after they went bankrupt outside people and companies bought the warehouse containing these cards that were never meant to be released to the public.. Who then released them..