Review 09-10 Bowman '48 NBA

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09-10 Bowman '48 NBA​

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
'3 Autographs in Every Box!'

No check list or sell sheet on the Topps website at the time of this writing.

I received the following:

One complete set 1-100 plus 64 duplicates


Base cards are printed on off white stiff stock. The front features the player in his NBA uni - some are action shots and some are posed. The reverse has personal stats - no pro stats. Also on the reverse is an overview of the player's career whether in college or the pros - plus a feature called 'Bowman Facts' in red.

This particular card.... don't know if the same thing happened in the 48 set or not...



I also could not determine if there are other cards like these 2 - same picture - different backs...


Blue Numbered parallels // White numbered parallels

17 base blues - numbered to 1948

5 base SP's (101+)

3 white SP's (101+) numbered to 2009

3 Autos


Kirk Hinrich
Corey Maggette
Greg Oden


Bowman '48 should be a very good issue for the basketball fans. I received a complete set of the base cards 1-100 in this box. The base set includes a number of retired players along with many of the current stars of the NBA.

The player collector will be able to chase both the base as well as the blue parallel of their favorite player - probably with good success.

The autos - all sticker with blue Sharpee - are designed for stickers. If we have to have stickers - then Topps did a good job of designing the card for the sticker.

The '48 theme.... personal preference... I prefer a sharper photo and an action shot of the player.... but hey, that's just me.

I also don't know if there are other examples of the same front / different back in the set. I know that Topps likes to replicate the anomalies in the original set when they do a current replication.

Overall grade - B++ lots 'o dupes - not enough SP's (101+)

Go buy a box and send the Orlando Magic autos to me!!


*** IF you want the opportunity to receive the base set of 100 cards, give me a reason in 25 words or less. ***
I like the design of this set. Could use any or all of the seven Celtics Beckett says are in the set, especially Bird, Russell, and Cousy.
Nice pull on the Oden! And, I've seen the numbering issue mentioned elsewhere regarding the Hawes/Wallace. Not sure what happened there though.

any knicks or jonny flynn?

i want the base set so i can ttm some of the cards
Oh, and I'll make a case for the set while I'm at it:

I'd pass it to my son; if he wants to learn about great players, past and present, this is a nice starter set.
lol i went and picked up a couple of packs after seeing your break here and i pulled an Oden auto just like the one you got...pretty cool!
"I deserve this set because..."

I need another set of basketball cards like I need a hole in my head! I don't really even collect basketball cards anymore.

I say give it to a BKB collector, maybe someone like Tom (chieftazmisty). He would most likely enjoy and appreciate the set and probably would never ask for it himself.
Now unless you used two different cards, that looks like a Karl Malone back and a Moses Malone front!

I wouldn't mind getting that card from you, if it is indeed like that. I collected both Malone's at one point!

I also received the Wallace Hawes cards. back to back in a pack

Also I would love the opportunity at the base set.
My 9 yo and I are avid basketball collectors. Go Celtics!
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I like the classic look of these cards. I still do not see the checklist on the Topps site yet. Did you happen to pull a Shaq, Kareem, or an Oscar Robertson?