09 A&G Mini Framed Cloth David Price

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Sep 23, 2006
Been Around The World
Just opened 2 boxes of 09 A&G. Didn't pull anything spectacular until I opend my last pack. I pulled a Framed Mini Cloth David Price #/10. I looked up on ebay and saw some various players going for $60-$200. Curious as to what the Price would bring? What should I start the opening bid at? Any of you have any ideas? I'd be willing to sell it, but not looking for low ball offers!


P.S. I'm working on the set, so nothing is for trade/sale at the moment.
Billy, congrats on a sweet pull...it doesn't get any better then those last pack pulls! I'd start the bidding @ atleast 60 and see where it goes from there.
On another board and in any time.....There was a member who always stated....start the opening bid at the lowest price your willing to sell the card....Good luck with your auction! Best regards, David