Review 09 Bowman Chrome - NFL

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09 Bowman Chrome - NFL​

18 packs per box - 4 cards per pack
'1 Rookie Autograph in Every Box!'

At this writing - no info on the Topps website:

I received the following:

42 base Vets (1 dupe!) - Base vets #1-110


18 unique Rookies - base rookies #111-165


The NFL Bowman Chrome is printed on very stiff stock and a few of the cards have the 'chrome curl'. The background of each card does not enhance the player's picture - if anything, it detracts from the action photo of the player.

The reverse has pro stats along with personal stats. A write up of the draft when the player was chosen and a highlight or 2 of his career.



3 Vets / 2 Rookies
12 P. Manning
24 J. Delhomme
54 D. McFadden
114 R. Bomar
149 B. Cushing


X-Fractor / Blue Refractor

X - 53 K. Boss #ed to 250
Blue - 42 J. Rodai #ed to 150


Green / Orange Refractors

Green - 144 M. Thomas #ed to 99
Orange - 92 E. Reed #ed to 25


Box Topper -
Gold/Copper? - #ed to 225
144 R. Bomar


Rookie Auto

BCAP-GC #ed 1/2
Glen Coffee


Bowman Chrome NFL will be and is a great issue for the rookie collector, the player collector and the set builder. The base set of 165 (unlike the baseball set - 220 vets. 65 rookies and the WBC cards) should be very 'doable' with 4-5 boxes. If not completed, one should have more than enough dupes for trading and enough inserts to sell if one needs to buy the final few cards to complete the set.

The various parallels will allow the player collector a number of variations to chase - should you happen to pull them - I want the variations of #135 Michael Crabree. I received an Xfractor, blue, orange, and green parallel and another boxtopper color - either gold or copper -- all of which are numbered - very good!

The auto I received is numbered to just 2 and the auto is on the letter 'E'. The pack containing a patch card will only have 3 cards in the pack.

Overall grade A-- unimpressed with the back ground on the cards - WAY too busy!

Go buy several boxes and send those 'holdout' Crabtree cards to me!!

nice box and hit! can't wait to find some in my area...

i have a couple crabtree cards (not bowman chrome) that i could trade you for the peyton manning and joseph addai refractors...
Duane, Any chance you pulled a base rookie #155 Johnny Knox?
lmk thanks
hey Duane, I bought two retail packs last night and pulled a refractor michael crabtree!!! I would trade it for the Colts you pulled. thanks
Hi Duane,

I don't like the "chrome curl" either. They should figure out a way to fix it. Did you happen to pull a Favre?

Is the Cushing available for trade or sell?

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Cushing...

I love me some chrome. Always nice to see refractors, no matter what color. Nice hit on the Coffee auto too. PLMK if it is available, as I'm looking for all letter auto's for my son's nameplates.