09 Bowman Chrome Why So Low

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May 9, 2009
I big collector of the bowman chrome and havent gotten any yet this year but noticed that they price of them are alot lower then the price of them last year at this time. Was wondering if anybody knew why they price of them is atleast 20-30 lower then this time last year, are they not as loaded this year with good autos or is it just the economy right now. Dont want to buy a case of them and waste all the money if Icons would be a better box or this champion cards everybody is collecting or talking about. What is the best hobby box for the price right now to get and thanks for the feedback.
It is just not a good product this year. I always bust several cases of Bowman Draft each year, but unless they change the checklist it will stink too.
I would assume its about the talent, or lack thereof in the product. IMO Bowman Chrome has been a relatively boring product for years, considering the cost, the amount of cards per pack, and the 1 AUTO per box, and having to wait 4-5 Years to know if any of the Prospects are ever actually going to turn into a real quality player or not. From what we've seen of the economy, and what you see cards selling for now as compared to what they would have sold for, say, back in 05, it looks like the prospectors have run low on cash as well.

Just my opinion.

no thanks alot for the input. been waiting for months on the bowman chrome to come out and missed the release date and just saw it on ebay but it was alot lower then normal so wasnt sure why and wasnt sure if the champion cards whatever they are never heard of them or the icons were better boxes to invest in and wasnt sure and knew that you guys do alot more buying then me so wanted some input and thanks
whats the deal with them the autos or what, looking at what is on ebay nothing really jumped out to me like wow or anything. is icons or goodwin got the better autos
You can bet Strasburg will be in the Bowman Draft this winter, unless somebody like Razor steps up and gives him an exclusive deal. If Strasburg is included, boxes of the Draft will SOAR.