Review 09 Topps Chrome Baseball

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09 Topps Chrome Baseball

24 packs - 4 cards per pack
'2 Autographs and exclusive World Baseball Classic cards inside!'

From the Topps website:


I received the following:

76 unique base cards

This premium issue is again a hit among collectors - the cards are printed on stiff bright white stock with an extreme mirror finish - i.e. chrome! It also seems that Topps has pretty much conquered the chrome curl that has plagued these cards for years. The front has an action shot of the player and the reverse has his stats - both personal and professional. The numbering of the cards could be improved.... the numbers are hard to read - make them bold - especially when on a colored background.


World Baseball Classics
6 regular base cards



8 base refractors
1 WBC refractor

Red #ed to 25 / Blue Refractors #ed to 199

Cliff Lee
Andrew Bailey

Yi-Feng Kuo

**The refractors all have the word 'refractor' somewhere on the card - thank you!!


Brian Duensing
George Kottaras


This issue again is one that both the player collector and the set collector should want. The set is only 220 cards and should be easily completed with several boxes purchased. The player collector will have several parallels to chase - red, blue, gold, and refractors - plus 1/1 printing plates. The refractor set should be 'completeable' (is that a word?) - one receives at least 8 per box.

The autos - are blue Sharpee ON THE CARD - YES!!!!! Thank you!! They look great and should be highly sought after. There are also parallels of autos to chase.

If I have a gripe.... I only received 2 of the 3 checklists in the box and I have purchased several other boxes and only received 2 in each of them. Why wouldn't Topps put all 3 checklists in each box???

Overall grade A+ the on the card autos are excellent!!

Go buy several boxes and send the autos to me!!

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Duane, Did you get any parallels of the following?

#190 Andrew Bailey
#192 Brett Anderson
#186 Trevor Cahill

lmk thanks
Tal - I have 4 for you.

Andrew - I have Vlad for you.

Perry - I have CC and Mariano - if you want them - let me know.


Did you get a chance to send these out yet? I just got back from China and trying to catch up on PM's and trade.

Thanks again!