Review 09 Topps Ticket to Stardom - MLB

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09 Topps Ticket to Stardom - MLB

20 packs - 12 cards to the pack
'3 Autographed Relic and/or Relic Cards per Box!'

At this writing, there is no info on the Topps website for this issue....

I received the following:

198 unique base cards (225 total) plus 18 duplicates


Ticket to Stardom is printed on light white stock and the front has a gloss finish and silver foil. The photos 'run out' of the border on many of the cards - nice touch. The reverse has the 'Star for a Day' - describing one of the player's best professional days.


Seasoned Vets
Ticket to Stardom
Big Ticket


Seasoned Vets - Arod, Soriano
Ticket to Stardom - Bruce, Sizemore, Fielder, Chamberlain
Big Ticket - Sizemore, Cabrera,

Blue Parallels - #ed to 99


Liriano and Snider
Big Ticket - B. Webb

Gold Parallel - #ed to 50


Yadier Molina

Game Used


TSP - 47 Giles - Bat - #ed to 224

Dual Game Used Jsy


TSP2 - 3 Ichiro # 05/10

Auto/Game Used


TASR-JM Justin Masterson #499


Ticket to Stardom - good issue for the parallel collector and the collector that chases 'different' kinds of cards of their particular player. The base cards are 'ok' but nothing to write home about. The parallels are numbered and look good. The largest number that I received in the 225 card set is #209. I only received # 208 and 209 over 200. Now, 200 and under.... near completion of the set.

Major inserts - 3 tickets - Giles, Ichiro, and Masterson - extremely well done!! The ticket is embedded in the card and looks great!! These 3 cards get a grade of A++

It is good that there are 3 guaranteed pulls in the box - that alone should sell the box and that alone is a good reason to pick up several boxes.

Overall grade A-- base cards could be much better.

Go buy several boxes and send those Longoria, Pena, Price, Crawford inserts to me!! RAYS 2010!!! (We gotta hope - don't we??)

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I can really use the Liriano blue parallel. Please LMK if you see anythign on my site thata interests you. Thanks
One quick answer - Jason - the 'auto' is printed on and part of the ticket stub.

I'll try to get back to the rest of you tomorrow.

Red - absolutely nothing happened on 7/27 - therefore no cards.... :eek:

Brett - got them all... coming at ya.

quam - Liarano is yours.

bb24 - got all 5- comin at ya.

hoosier - Ian and Ryan coming to you.

Enjoy fellers.

Duane - have a David Price Ticket To Stardom insert for you. Could use the Bruce, Sizemore, or Chamberlain Ticket To Stardom insert - would take Chamberlain first if it's still available. PWE is fine by me if that works. Thanks - David.
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I can use the Ichiro Jersey Ticket card-
Let me know if you see anything in my bucket you like.
Hi - I'm interested in the Snider Blue parallel (and the base Snider if you have it). I found these 09 OPC that were on your wantlist:
71 Looper
277 B.Hall
347 Kendall
403 Gallardo
470 Fielder
499 Villanueva
591 B.Nelson (R)

Please let me know - Chris