09 Topps Tribute Baseball


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09 Topps Tribute Baseball​

6 packs per box - 5 cards per pack
'One Relic or Autographed relic Card #ed to 99 or Less in Every Pack!'

I received the following:

18 base cards

This ultra premium issue has a mirror finish on the front (shows finger prints very easily.) The cards are very thick and have no 'bend' to them at all - and will easily rip the spokes right out of your bike!! Tribute features both players from the past as well as current players - such as Ty Cobb, McCovey, Mantle, Yaz, Snider, Zimmer, Gibson, to name a few. The reverse has the player's career stats along with a synopsis of his career.


Blue / Black Parallels

Blue #ed to 219 // Black #ed to 99

Ray Knight
Lance Berkman
Duke Snider

Chase Utley
Randy Johnson

Gold #ed to 25

Willie McCovey

Game Used and Autos

Game Used

Berkman Jsy

Jackson bat #ed to 75 - Blue

Ichiro jsy #ed to 50 - Black

Gary Carter auto and jsy #ed to 50 - Black

Duke Snider auto and bat #ed to 25 - Gold

Daryl Strawberry auto and dual bat #ed to 25 - Gold


This ultra premium issue should be great for the player collector. One has several parallels to chase of each card - black, blue, gold, plus relic cards. The boxes are relatively expensive (in Orlando $240 per box - $40 per pack!!) and one receives only 6 packs in the box. This will make the set builder need at least 6 boxes for the opportunity to receive the base set of 100 - not for the faint of heart.

The auto cards look great and are designed for the sticker autos. They are done very, very well.

Overall grade A+ slightly expensive - maybe more packs per box??

Go break the piggy bank and buy several boxes and send the Longoria and Hamilton cards to me!!



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nice looking cards!!!! I love that Bo Jackson card - great pic and goes well with being a BAT card - thanks for another great 'break' :) - erik


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Another great review Duane. That may be the best looking Jackson card I've ever seen. Love the pic.

If the Snider is available, plmk what you need for it.



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Very cool stuff. If you snagged any Cubs base or a Ryne Sandberg base, I was able to snag a Longoria base card I could send you.


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Nice break. That Ichiro is awesome. As is the Bo. And the Strawberry is freaking amazing. This product looks very cool. Thanks for another excellent review.


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Now that's a Metly box. Very nice. (It's too bad they put the Duke in that other team's uniform instead of the blue and orange.)

Got a Keith Hernandez base in there? (Picked up the blue and gold versions already.)


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Duane, anyway I can get the Brooklyn Dodgers in this break? I love the look of these cards and I don't have any of them yet besides a Podres AU/Jsy I just bought.
Thanks for the Review!