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Bought some packs and got a few cards with Team Logo's on the front. Like the Lebron James I got has a basketball with a crown on it and say's "King James" and a I have 2 Yankee cards that has the NY on one and the other say's "Ingaugural Year". None of the other cards have logo's on them. Are these Short Prints or just regular cards that have these symbols randomly placed on them?



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as far as i can come up with these are the only variations
There are 15 different "night sky"variations:

1 Ken Griffey Jr.
7 Ryne Sandberg
20 Grady Sizemore
44 Barack Obama
56 Ozzie Smith
65 Tiger Woods
69 Ichiro
74 Gerry Lopez
87 Andy Pettitte
101 Cal Ripken Jr.
106 Ryan Howard
115 Smarty Jones
126 Troy Tulowitzki
132 Chien-Ming Wang
140 Gordie Howe

The base set is cards 1-150
Short prints are 151-190
Super short prints are 191-210
cards 211-252 are mini only