09 UD Strasburg GU

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Oct 21, 2008
Charlotte, MI
I've got an 09 UD Stephen Strasburg jersey card that I plan on listing on eBay. Now I just need to figure out the timing. Should I end it on the 7th, a day before his big MLB debut, or try to end it shortly after his first game, or a full day after his first game?
depends on how you think he will do? if he throws a no-no and you sell it the day before, you messed up....if he bombs and gives up 7 runs...then you did well....lol.

i'd wait myself....but i usually dont do the right thing...lol.
Well, if the market is as "knee-jerk" as it seems it has been with these players, I'd say it depends on how you think he'll play.
I think if he has a no-no going the Nationals would not allow him to finish the game.....He'll probably have a pitch count in play....like 80 or 85 pitches and then they will pull him from the game. That what the Giants did with Lincecum his rookie season and he won back to back CY Young awards the last two years!! I would agree with the majority..if he does well in his first start....people will buying like crazy...if he has a so so start....Best regards, David PS I would go with the ending after his first start.