1/6 - some G's and even a little GREENE!

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Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
If only this was actually some money, but not today...:cool:

Todd Greene
20 days

Mr. T's Comment: The former Angels C/OF, among other teams, came through in just under three weeks for me. A fun fact for you is that in 1997 Wade Boggs (pitching at the time) struck him out! Who knew that a 39 year old HOF 3B had an arm like that? (HINT: If you are reading Wade, return my request soon )

Luis Gonzalez
229 days

Mr. T's Comment: Geese Luis! I had been leaning towards these being gone after seeing much quicker returns over the past couple of months. Luis was traded from the Tigers on 12/28/98 to the newer franchise named the Arizona Diamondbacks for OF Karim Garcia. Tigers fans try to forget that trade, just like I thought Luis forgot about my mail!
Luis took a long time to return my cards too. Thought they were goners as well. Glad you got them back! Congrats on your others too.