1/9 Returns


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Ashford, Tucker - sent 1984 Topps, two Custom Cards and a Custom Yankee Logo card on 11/30/2009 and received all back signed on 1/9/2010

Broberg, Pete - sent 1972 Topps (X3) on 12/28/2009 and received two back signed on 1/9/2010

Baldwin, Dave - 1970 Topps and three CC’s on 12/28/2009; received all back signed on 1/9/2010; also sent three of his own signed photos; also signed both protector index cards; also sent bookmark; awesome return!!



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Nice successes! Baldwin always seems to have the same look on his face. :cool: I checked out his site and read the first exerpt from his book and it looks like a great book!
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