1 And done help needed

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Mar 29, 2007
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Long Island
Hi all,

Any Set Killers out there?
I need some help with a few 1 and done sets

1992 Classic Best: Updated 12/29/14, Thanks to Jack Downs, Trading Bases
402 Derek Jeter

1993 Team Stadium Cardinals (Want List): Updated 7/28/12, Thank to Randy Anglin 2x, VCT, I need
28 Hector Villanueva

1993 Team Stadium Cubs (Want List): Updated 7/15/12, Thank to Randy Anglin, VCT. I need
1 Ryne Sandberg

1997 Topps Hobby Masters: Updated 7/29/13, Thanks to Kelly Glazner, Trading Bases
18 – Derek Jeter

2001 Topps Heritage: Updated 6/4/14
334 Scott Rolen SP

2003 Topps Heritage: Down to needing just 1 card as of 8/11/12, Thanks to Kelly Glazner, Trading Bases. This set was not hit in over 5 years, way to go Kelly!!
175 Bernie Castro SP, RC

2004 Donruss Classic: Updated 4/27/25
196 – Kevin Youkillis

2006 Bowman Heritage: Down to needing just 1 card as of 6/15/09, Thanks to Chris Dnosner and Ron Brown, Trading Bases
264 B.J. Upton SP

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Cubs Greats: Updated 1/27/13, Thanks to Alan Smith 2X, Trading Bases and The Bench. I:<p>

2006 Topps: Updated 4/8/14. I need the following:<p>

2006 Ultra: Updated 2/22/12, Thanks to Kevin Green, VCT
243 Chris Burke RL13

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospect(BCP): Down to needing just 1 card as of 10/25/10, Thanks to Adam Donalson, Trading Bases

2009 Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions: Down to needing just 1 card as of 5/24/12, Thanks to Jerry Robertson, Trading Bases. I need:

2012 Panini Cooperstown Field Generals: Updated 10/10/14, Thanks to Greg Armentrout and Wayne Graves, Trading Bases
5 Ray Schalk

2012 Panini Prism USA: Updated 12/28/13, Thanks to Ron Brown, Trading Bases and Al Smith, Trading Bases and The Bench

2013 Topps Finest: Updated 1/12/14
44 Kyuji Fujikawa RC

2014 Topps Stadium: Updated 6/22/15, brought some cards off Sportlots
153 Bryce Harper

2013 Topps Update Post Season Heroes: Updated 1/12/14, Thanks to Jack Downs, Trading Bases and Stacy Belcher, The Bench
PH-3 George Brett

2014 Topps Update: New set as of 11/5/14.
US-164 Josh Tomlin - Cleveland Indians

2014 Topps Update The Future is Now: Updated 1/5/15, Thanks to Paul Browning, Trading Bases and the Bench
FN-YV2 Yordano Ventura - Kansas City Royals

2015 Topps Series 2 Cal Ripken 2632: Updated 8/29/15, Thanks to Sylvia Stryker and Mike Napoleon, Trading Bases and the Dugout, David Brankow and Pat Looney, Trading Bases, Larry Beil, VCT and Larry Barr, The Bench

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Key to the City: Updated 11/12/15, Thanks to Bob D’Angelo, OBC/OCT and the Dugout
KTC-3 Liberty Bell – Philadelphia

Thank You for looking
I have Keys to the City 3, and Cal Ripken 3 for you. I will post as free cards for you. Stacy
I have this one:2014 Topps Update The Future is Now: FN-YV2 Yordano Ventura - Kansas City Royals. I can use any 2015 Topps Update White Sox