1 Arrival - 9/9


5.00 star(s)
Billy Sample - c/o home
38 days, 4/4 + kept the 2 extras I included for him & sent a great note.
Sample played in the Virginia state football championship game against T.C. Williams, the team from Remember the Titans. I mentioned that in my letter and he sent a note back along with a photo copy of the rosters from that game along with a press release from the 30th anniversary of the game. Here's what the note says:
Bertier, the paralyzed linebacker played in the game, his car accident obviously later. My late uncle Ike, lived in Severn. Best of health --B"

If you look under my avatar, I live in Severn. He even added an extra 44-cent stamp to my SASE to make sure it arrived with the extra stuff he added.