1 hof and 1 rts

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Oct 8, 2008
Pierre, SD
Got a Duke Snider autographed romlb today

RTS from Red Schoedist-included fee but he crossed out his own name and wrote return to sender. With that effort he could have wrote out his name on the ball and it would have been less letters
Great job on The Duke! I got Red by writing "Donation Enclosed" and included my friend Mr. Hamilton along for the ride. Maybe he was in a good mood when he got mine, or he needed gas $$ to get home from the post office lol?! Either way, it got me on the hook up on my first try. Good luck if you try again. Merry Christmas, Pat.
thanks, i had 15 in there and it looks as if he went through the envelope and didn't see the money so he didn't sign. I think I will send after the holidays
just pick up a Red certified...cheaper and less hassle...he's just become a bitter old man when it comes to signing...if it's not at a show or certified you wont get him now.
Why the heck should you have to pay to get an auto? To me, thats crap.

I understand that being a poor college student. But, I also understand that these guys didn't get paid the big bucks like they do now. The older guys I understand some charging but please be consistent on auto habits. Don't return some and then don't return others.
In all fairness to Red, he used to be great TTM. However, some 20-odd years ago, or so, he began seeing multiple requests from people he remembered signing for. This is what soured him on signing autos TTM, and why he's usually only available at a show. Yes, he will some times sign TTM when you add the words "donation enclosed" on the envelope, but not always.

A few years back I had a conversation with a former MLB pitcher who some times signs TTM and some times doesn't. When I asked how he felt about fan mail, he replied that he will sign some times when he feels like it, but felt a lot of people took advantage of him, and were selling stuff he signed for free. While he signs occasionally, he views fan mail at his house as an invasion of privacy. I could be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is also the case with Schoendist.