1 in the mail and some Sox IP


4.90 star(s)
In the mail came the usual index card from Joe Morgan c/o baseball hall of fame.

Did Pawtuckett Red Sox after one game and got 1 guy and it started pouring down rain. Went back last night to the game and after and did better. Only dissapointment was not getting Gerald Perry who said no before the game and never came out after. The clubhouse guy said that he was still in there and had been staying in the clubhouse well after 1-2am every night.

Michael Bowden 1 card
Fabio Castro 1 card
Felix Doubront 1 card
Robert Manuel 1 card
Dustin Richardson 1 card
Lars Anderson 3 cards-w/ help for sets
Aaron Bates 2 cards
Tug Hulett 1 card
Ryan Kalish 3 cards