1 in ttm and some Redwings IP

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Mar 23, 2004
Had 1 in the mailbox today from Marvell Wynne signing an 87 Topps c/o home

Hit up Rochester before the game and did well knocking out a decent number of set cards...

Floyd Rayford 87 Topps-odd guy...enjoys giving graphers a rough time
Cole DeVries 1 card
Matt Fox 3 cards-04 bowman heritage and 03 just for sets
Deolis Guerra 2 cards
Tim Lahey 1 card
Jeff Manship 2 cards
Mike Maroth 1 card
Kyle Waldrop 2 cards-MWL Prospect set card
Luke Hughes 1 card
Matt Macri 3 cards
Brock Petersen 1 card
Matt Tolbert 1 card
Danny Valencia 1 card-EL Prospect set card
Jacque Jones 1 card
Dustin Martin 1 card
Is Rayford in fun or is he really busting on you? He signed ttm for me pretty quick once. Congrats on all your successes.
It was definately in fun. Just kept asking what we wanted and why we would want his autograph. Said we should only ask the players. Someone earlier didnt ask and he said something to him. The guy said he had gotten him back in the late 80's. Rayford replied that that was surprising. I guess he was somewhat tough back when he played.
very nice....congrats....can you shoot me a PM on Marvell Wynne addy...sent to him awhile back to an address in Murrieta, Ca.....never received back