1 IP - 7/16 - O's/Jays

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Dec 1, 2005
Severn, MD
Boog Powell
Also signed my son's ticket. Boog hangs out before every game at Boog's Barbeque just beyond the flag court in right field and chats with the fans, takes pictures and signs anything you bring him.
great job, any interest in a 50/50 for him if you go again??
It's funny that Boog will stand out there by his BBQ pit and sign anything and everything for free, but send something in the mail and you get it back unsigned with a price list!!! And the bonus is that the sandwiches are fantastic!!

Congrats on the pickup!
CW13 - I would 50/50, but don't know when I'll be back to Camden this summer, so don't want to make any promises.

I knew Boog stopped signing TTM recently, think it has to do with a local card shop that handles all his signings now.

Friday night I had to wait for exactly one person in front of me. Other nights I've seen 15-20 people in line to get a signature and/or picture.