1 Nlb Questionnaire as Well as 1 Cub- 2 TTM Successes Past Few Days!!!


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Hello Everyone,

Hope that this snowy weather for those of us on the East Coast has not ruined all weekend plans...

Recently, (1-2 Days ago), I had a success- Clifford Brown 1/1 Negro League Baseball Questionnaire... Sent It ON November 4th, 2009.

Today, I had a very random ST success... Mark DeRosa signed in blue on an Upper Deck Baseball Series 2 card from 2008. Thought this was LONG gone... I sent it very early ST this past year (2009), I believe February 2nd, 2009.

Very surprised to get it back to say the least...

Thanks for looking; I hope that everyone here has happy holidays as I finish up school with tests this week

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Nice pick ups
Job well done
Now you have to ace the tests
Happy Holidays
Heh, true. Though it is becoming a challenge to focus with the holidays right around the corner!

Here are some photos I managed to upload:

(Sorry -- This is a terrible picture)

As always, I really appreciate the comments guys. Thanks :) :D