1 on 12/9

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Bench Warmer
Nov 2, 2009
Clarion, Pa
So happy to see this one back. Dan Rooney, Steelers owner. Sent him an 8x10 to sign, letter on Nov. 2, just checked my mail and there it was. Pulled it out and it was in the sleeve, went to take out the photo and put it in the frame and it didn't have a sig. on it. He signed the sleeve. I got a big laugh out of it. Sent 2 Steelers stickers and 2008 team photo also. Sent C/O home, but then saw somewhere that he no longer signs from home, glad to see it back. Sent photo back this morning with another letter to Steelers address. What do do with a signed sleeve now.. LOL.

Still a nice success! However, that should be a lesson to all of us: don't send it out in a card/photo holder or sleeve. This stuff happens all the time when you do that. In Rooney's case he's a busy executive, and to save time he's not going to pull it out of sleeve or holder to sign. He'll sign on the sleeve.
I will trade my empty envelope for your signed holder lol!! I think this TTM thing is a progressive learning project. Congrats on getting something.
Yeah it is a learning experience. This though, is the first time it's happened to me out of roughly 45 TTM's. None of them have been busy execs though.
i think its still a success congrats!!! atleast you know he will sign and you got your pic back.