1 set hit in with a $0.42 stamp...2-10-10

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Sep 16, 2008
Mooresville, IN
Got one back today with a $0.42 stamp. It was one of my first ones I sent out when starting the '84 Topps project (probably over a year ago).

Burt Hooton
didn't write down address or date


Saw a success a day or two ago on here from Mr. Hooton....commented that I would have to try again. Guess he just caught up on all his TTMs at once.
A great return!
I am working on the 1984 set because that is the year of my birth, therefore some of the players I don't really recall watching play or reading about. My Dad/Grandpas/Uncles have never been really into Baseball so I like to research online the player I'm sending to and learn what I can about them and their careers.

Here's a cool bit from Wikipedia
"Hooton's signature pitch was the knuckle curve, and he was one of the few pitchers in MLB history to master this pitch."

(Check out the grip he's using on the ball in the photo)

Anyways, with this great success...I am going to have to re-dedicate myself to sending out some more '84s. I have finally built an Excel spreadsheet to track my TTMs and will hopefully be posting more successes soon!

Thanks for viewing and Happy TTMing!

....and yes I have ended my Photobucket strike for now - have everything backed up and Malwarebytes on call....I'm ready for the worm :cool:
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great hit, he is notoriously a bad IP signer at Round Rock Express games, so I'm glad to see you get this one!!he still is the gold standard for UT hurlers as he went 35-3 with a 1.14 era over 3 yrs...