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Jun 25, 2008
Lewisville, TX
I got the signed Michael Finley auto today, which is kind of bitter sweet after the Mavs basically got screwed out of the playoffs again...but, Mavs fans are getting used to it after it happening so often.

Michael Finley - from SCN

Huell Howser - via website
congrats...now you can focus on the rangers!!!or the texas stars i guess, they are in the ahl western conference finals against the chicago wolves...

anyway what a crap-tacular series for dallas...time for some baseball, scheppers promoted to okc today(His numbers at Frisco: 11 innings, three hits, 1 ER, 19 Ks -- and zero walks)...he will be in arl soon but maybe not before your N.O. trip
Nice numbers for Schep. I hope he does well. We can use those kinda numbers coming out of the bullpen. That game against the White Sox yesterday was pathetic. I hope we stick it to Cliff Lee today.
Man, did that avatar get changed off the Mavs quick or what!!! Unfortunately, the refs will continue to make the Mavs work twice as hard to win in the playoffs.

Nice pickups though!