1 ttm, 4 email & a 2nd unsigned S. Spurrier


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fmr Phil Lance Parrish, signed 3 cards sent out on 11-17

got these via email

Greg Norman 8x10 color photo for a friend sent out on 11-27

Drexel bkb coach Bruiser Flint sent signed 8x10 color sent out on 12-7

Texas Womens bkb coach Gail Goestenkors sent isp 8x 10 color sent out on 12-5

Senator Daniel Inouye sent signed 8x10 color photo sent out on 12-3

for the 2nd time this week I got an unsigned Spurrier . after my 1st request I was told he's not signing but they would send an unsigned pic but now have 2 lol.