1 TTM and IP on 8/13...


5.00 star(s)
TTM: Shaun King - 1/1 - c/o Radio Show - 7 Days

IP: Helena Brewers vs. Missoula Osprey

Gil Heredia - 3/3 - Very nice guy, told me the pitches he was throwing on the cards while the other pitchers made fun of his faces on the cards. The Flair turned out AWESOME!

Jason Hardtke - 3/3 - Unfortunately I didn't have any custom Mets for him, but he was really nice, stopping to talk about the 2010 Mets.

Also, a girl got hit in the head by a foul liner, she is ok, but this is the second time in 2 games that a child within 10 feet of me has been struck in the head, last time it was a wild bullpen pitch. I don't know if anyone has seen Final Destination, but yeah... However, it was nice to see a young boy crawl underneath the bleachers to get the ball for her.




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