10/4 - 10/9: 1 Trade, 1 Ebay, & 1 TTM

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Jul 9, 2010
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Rhode Island, USA
Got this one in a trade with mr.js36 (thank again, Javier):

Got this one off ebay. Probably my favorite player in this entire set, so he was a priority for me:

And this was my one TTM success of the week, some guy who used to be an Astros coach. I guess he used to play a little bit, too, before he got into coaching, but like most managers & coaches, he probably wasn't very good:

And before you ask, no, I'm not going to try to get Lanier, Menke, or Tenace to sign it, too. To make it easier (and cheaper) on myself with these TL cards, I've decided to only try for the guys who are the main focus of the scene, and clearly visible. Nobody who's half-cut-off along the borders (like Lanier and Tenace here) or partially-obscured by someone (like Menke), or a bit out-of-focus off in the background (like Ozzie on the Cardinals card). So this one is all Yogi. :cool:
Thanks. :)

Did Yogi charge a fee?
He charges $50, but if you just want his auto and don't care what it's on, you can find him for at least half that on ebay. But of course, I needed him on this specific card. The only downside to it is that it's too bad that it's just a TL card and doesn't have his name on it, the way it would if he were the manager, but still, give Topps credit for finding a way to include him even tho he was just a coach.