10 Successes So Far...


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Well, my computer has been messing up so I haven't been able to post my success pictures lately but now I am officially up to 10. I posted the 1st 3 in another thread so I guess I'll start with #4.

4. Ben Grieve 1/2 sent c/o Home received in 27 days

5. Ian Snell 3/3 sent c/o Seattle Mariners received in 10 days (theres only one in the picture because the others wouldn't show up."

6. Pat Neshek 6/6 sent c/o Minnesota Twins received in 12 days

7. Brad Ziegler 1/1 sent c/o Oakland Athletics received in 10 days

8. Brad Ausmus 2/2 sent c/o L.A. Dodgers received in 11 days

9. Shane Spencer 1/1 sent c/o Lake Elsinore Storm received in 14 days

10. Justin Masterson 2/2 sent c/o Cleveland Indians received in 17 days

Thanks for looking!